Thursday, July 07, 2016

Competition Update – Quarter Finals

An unusual state for me but I have no reminders to go with this post!
Here are the details of the quarter finals to be played by 27th July; the first named person is the home player. As

Mens Singles
55 P. Reynolds                   v              68 R. Matthews
76 R. Leleux                        v              82 E Milsom
73 P. Costin                         v              60 T. Waller
30 D Cutmore                    V             94 A. Ciampini

Mens Pairs
60 T. Waller                         v              64 T. Jones         
37 W. Daley                        v              94 A. Ciampini
76 R Leleux                         v              73 P. Costin
24 D. Hopwood                 v              68 R. Matthews

Mens Triples
94 A. Ciampini                    v              37 W. Daley
93 D Barnes                        v              71 B Bruce
22 K Winchester               v              96 R Lee
27 T Tidey                            v              47 P Darius

Mens Over 60 singles
21 A. Hooper                      v              83 P. Picknell
33 J Clarke                           v              76 R Leleux        
75 M Kirby                           v              68 R Matthews
3 E Chilver                           v              28 D Anderson

Ladies Singles
42 J Westlake                     v              26 K Tidey
51 M Jutsum                      v              80 R Mayo
12 D Rooks                          v              66 A Middleton
52 S Laws is already through to the semi-final

Ladies Pairs
88 C Smith                           v              46 E Chater        
39 S Graham                       v              6 A Greenaway
57 M Simpson                    v              66 A Middleton
49 S Harrington v              12 D Rooks

Ladies Triples
49 S Harrington                 v              66 A Middleton
57 M Simpson                    v              42 J Westlake
12 D Rooks                          v              56 G Richards
31 S Cutmore                     v              44 R Bragazza

Open Singles
87 J Rowlands                    v              63 D Jones                          
76 R Leleux                         v              58 S Skinner       
80 R Mayo                           v              55 P Reynolds   
100 D Reap                          v              94 A Ciampini                    

Mixed Pairs
12 D Rooks                          v              57 M Simpson   
58 S Skinner                        v              33 J Clarke                          
76 R Leleux                         v              10 J Newman
45 R Buckingham              v              42 J Westlake

Mixed Triples
86 B Putnam                       v              42 J Westlake    
41 J Ruffel                           v              82 E Milsom
73 P Costin                          v              48 A Groves

26 K Tidey                            v              4 B French

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Competition Round up from 14th June

Competition Update – Last 16

The county competitions are well under way with games being played on fixed dates almost every evening. I would therefore make a plea for players to be considerate of each other and try to arrange games well in advance of the play by date. Ron and I will look at the dates for next year’s competitions and consider giving the early rounds more time. This will probably mean later rounds will be shorter. If you have an opinion please send me any thoughts.

 However the play by dates for this year are fixed and strictly adhered to; we do not give extensions or accept results beyond the play by date so please submit your results promptly by phone, email or text before 10:30 pm on the closing date.

Remember, any issues with arranging games should be referred to me as soon as the problem arises. The longer you give me the more time I have to negotiate a satisfactory outcome. The rules are detailed on the competition sheets you received from us.
Here are the details of the next round; the first named person is the home player. As

Mens Singles
59. B Syme                          v              55 P. Reynolds
16. P Hutchinson                 v              68 R. Matthews
65 C. Lyons                         v              76 R. Leleux
73 P. Costin                         v              21 A. Hooper     
60 T. Waller                        v              58 S. Skinner
72 R. Clark                          v             94 A. Ciampini

Mens Pairs
9. D. Morley                       v              60 T. Waller
64 T. Jones                         v              50 J. Jackson
55 P. Reynolds                    v             37 W. Daley
3  E. Chilver                       v              94 A. Ciampini
76 R Leleux                       v              79 P. Mayo
73 P. Costin                        v             34 D. Clements
1.  J Belle-Isle                    v              24 D. Hopwood
59 B. Syme                        v              68 R. Matthews

Mens Triples
62. M. Hulbert                   v              94 A. Ciampini
50 J. Jackson                     v              37 W. Daley

Mens Over 60 singles
21 A. Hooper                      v              69 J. Newton
10 J Newman                      v              83 P. Picknell
33 J Clarke                          v              1.  J Belle-Isle
76 R Leleux                        v              100 D. Reap

Ladies Pairs
88 C Smith                          v             98 C. Perry
46 E Chater                         v             23 P Blakes
39 S Graham                       v              5 T French

Open Singles
87 J Rowlands                    v              82  E Milsom
63 D Jones                          v              73  P Costin
76 R Leleux                        v              60  T Waller
58 S Skinner                       v              38  R Graham
30 D Cutmore                     v              80  R Mayo
55 P Reynolds                     v              21  A Hooper
70 S Astin                           v              100 D Reap
94 A ciampini                     v              61   D Garside

Mixed Pairs
12 D Rooks                         v              82 E Milsom
57 M Simpson                    v              13 B Budd
58 S Skinner                       v               4  B French
33 J Clarke                          v              38 R Graham
86 B Putnam                       v              76 R Leleux

Mixed Triples
86 B Putnam                       v              45 R Buckingham

42 J Westlake                      v              65 C Lyons

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Competition Update Prelim Results

Firstly apologies for the delay in updating the blog; I have no real excuse. Here are the results of the early round and the players through to the last 32.

Mens Singles - Top Half

By 23rd May
By 14th June
(H) 59 B. Syme
59 B. Syme
(A) 33 J Clarke
(H) 101 S Sawh
11 J. Fisher
(A) 11 J Fisher
(H) 48 A Groves
15 L. Hallam
(A) 15 L Hallam
(H) 55
 P Reynolds
P. Reynolds
(A) 87
J Rowlands
(H) 77
 D Lovering
91 M. Young
(A) 91 M Young
(H) 81 G Miller
(A) 16
P. Hutchinson
(A) 16
 P Hutchinson
(H) 68
 R Matthews
(A) 78
 P Lovering
(H) 20
D George
(A) 65 C Lyons
(H) 76 R Leluex
(A) S Astin
(H) 13 B Budd
(A) 82 E Milsom
(H) 63 D Jones
(A) 40
 B Morgan

Mens Singles - Bottom Half

By 23rd May
By 14th June
(H) 28
 D Anderson
(H) 73
P. Costin
(A) 73 P Costin
(H) 34
 D Clements
(A) 100
D. Reap
(A) 100 D Reap
(H) 75 M Kirby
(H) 75
M. Kirby
(A) 24
 D Hopwood
(H) 21 A Hooper
(A) 21
A. Hooper
(A) 1 J Belle-Isle
(H) 89 R Vye
(H) 60
T. Waller
(A) 60 T Waller
(H) 79 P Mayo
(A) 61
D. Garside
(A) 61
 D Garside
(H) 7
 D Grosvenor
(H) 68
S. Skinner
(A) 58 S Skinner
(A) 38 R Graham
(H) 30
 D Cutmore
(A) 64 T Jones
(H) 99 J Quesnel
(A) 45
 R Buckingham
(H) 72 R Clark
(A) 25 R Merritt
(H) 94
A Ciampini
(A) 95 C Davies

Mens Pairs

D. Morley goes through to the next round after a walk over from B. Bruce.
R. Lee goes through after a win against M. Young

Open Singles

A. Groves   and M. Kirby are through to the last 32.

Good Luck all.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Entries and Draw 2016

All the entries have been received and collated. The draw will take place at Rosedale Park Bowls Club on Friday 15th April starting at 7:30 pm. All are most welcome to attend and have a drink.

We aim to have the draw sheets with club secretaries by the end of April.

Finals Day 2015 Photographs

Finals Day 2015 Photographs

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Finals Report and Results

Finals Report and Results

All the Triples finals and the Ladies pairs finals were played in the morning from 10 am in very poor conditions. At best there was drizzle and at worst heavy downpours all morning as a result of the weather none of these games went the full distance with the runners up conceding. Fortunately the weather did improve slightly and the rain eventually went off – after the last game had ended! So here are the results:

Mixed Triples:           Winners: S Cordingley, K Rushton, N Rushton (Harefield Hospital)
                                    R/Up    : S Cutmore, S Brennan, D Cutmore (Harlington)
                                     Score 18 – 9             Ends Played 16

Mens Triples:            Winners: P. Costin, P. Mayo, P. Picknell (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Buckingham, B. Syme, P. Darius (Ladygate)
                                    Score 23 – 4             Ends Played 12

Ladies Triples:          Winners: B. Beedell, P. Farmer, J. Westlake (Hayes)
                                    R/UP     : B. Foxford, P. Weller, A. Greenaway (Court Park)
                                    Score 28 – 4             Ends Played 12

Ladies Pairs:             Winners: K. Fisher, D. Rooks (Cowley)
                                    R/UP     : A. Martel, M. Simpson (Ladygate)
                                    Score 14 - 5               Ends Played 14

Mens Pairs:               Winners: N. Rushton, M. Arnold (Harefield Hospital)
                                    R/UP     : S. Phillips, B. Syme (Ladygate)
                                    Score 21 – 11

Mixed Pairs:              Winners: E. Putnam, J. Rowlands (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Rooks, D. Rookes
                                    Score 21 – 12

Over 60 Singles:       Winner: A. Groves (Ladygate)
                                    R/UP     : R. Leleux (Rosedale Park)
                                    Score 21 – 20

Mens Singles:           Winner: A. Ciampini (Uxbridge)
                                    R/UP     : P. Reynolds (Ladygate)
                                    Score 21 – 12

Ladies Singles:         Winner: S. Pocknell (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : K. Rushton (Harefield)
                                    Score 21 – 7

Open Singles:           Winner: R. Vye (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Leleux (Rosedale Park)
                                    Score 21 – 19

Congratulations to all.