Thursday, July 28, 2016

Semi Final Line Up

Competition Update – Semi Finals
Here are the details of the semi-finals to be played by 19th August; please remember that semi-finals should be played on a neutral green. It is the first named person’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements and to provide a marker in singles games. If any issues arise with arranging a neutral green please contact Ron or Moira as soon as possible. Rosedale Park will always endeavour to make a rink available if required.

Mens Singles
55 P. Reynolds                   v              76 R. Leleux       
73 P. Costin                         v              94 A. Ciampini

Mens Pairs
64 T. Jones                          v              94 A. Ciampini
76 R Leleux                         v              68 R. Matthews

Mens Triples
94 A. Ciampini                    v              93 D Barnes
96 R Lee                               v              27 T Tidey

Mens Over 60 singles
83 P. Picknell                      v              76 R Leleux        
68 R Matthews                  v              3 E Chilver

Ladies Singles
26 K Tidey                            v              51 M Jutsum     
52 S Laws                             v              12 D Rooks         

Ladies Pairs
88 C Smith                           v              39 S Graham      
66 A Middleton                 v              12 D Rooks

Ladies Triples
49 S Harrington                 v              57 M Simpson
12 D Rooks                          v              31 S Cutmore

Open Singles
87 J Rowlands                    v              76 R Leleux
55 P Reynolds                    v              94 A Ciampini                    

Mixed Pairs
12 D Rooks                          v              33 J Clarke                          
76 R Leleux                         v              42 J Westlake

Mixed Triples
86 B Putnam                       v              41 J Ruffel

48 A Groves                        v              26 K Tidey