Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Final Line Up

Nearly there for another year. The semi finals have all been played and we are working on the programme for finals day. However as you will see from the line up below this may take some organising!

Mens Singles                      76 R. Leleux       v              94 A. Ciampini

Mens Pairs                         94 A. Ciampini    v              76 R Leleux

Mens Triples                     94 A. Ciampini    v              27 T Tidey

Mens Over 60 singles    76 R Leleux         v              68 R Matthews 

Ladies Singles                   26 K Tidey            v              52 S Laws

Ladies Pairs                        88 C Smith           v              66 A Middleton

Ladies Triples                    49 S Harrington v              12 D Rooks                         

Open Singles                     87 J Rowlands    v              94 A Ciampini                    

Mixed Pairs                        12 D Rooks          v              76 R Leleux        

Mixed Triples                    86 B Putnam       v              48 A Groves