Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Up and Running - Thanks Ray

Well, that's it.

All Secretaries have made it in on time; a big thank you for that. 495 entries have been received, including a last minute telephone call from Ms Connor (Hayes) to enter the ladies triples.

My sincere thanks go to Ray Lee who once again did the draw honours and, of course, came out of the hat first in every comp' he entered! No, not really.

I've now typed up the draw sheets, getting them copied over the weekend (12/13) and, once proof read, they will be collated in order to be distributed to the various clubs. Sheets should be at ALL clubs by 30 04, even if I have to drive around the borough as I did a few years ago.

Seven of the disciplines have end of May / early June first round play-by dates, but two of the most popular comps' have a first round play-by of the third week of May, so be warned.

The top competition, namely the Open Singles Championship, carries a cash prize as well as the usual trophy this year. Someone might buy a round with an extra £30 in their pocket!

Here's hoping for good weather!

Dennis Hodgkins