Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Finals Day Running Order

The revised timetable for the 2014 finals is as follows:-


Wednesday 27th at 5pm

Ladies Pairs (cont) Fassnidge   v   Fassnidge
Ladies Triples (cont)    Court Park   v Hayes
Men's Singles         G Miller  v A Hooper
Mens Triples          Uxbridge  v  Rosedale

Thursday 28th at 5pm

Men's Pairs (cont)      Uxbridge  v   Ladygate
Mens Over 60s           D Parrott  v  D Cutmore
The Open Championship    R Le Leux  v  T Waller

Friday 29th at 4.30

Mixed Triples         Court Park  v  Fassnidge

Monday  01 Sept at 3pm

Mixed Pairs            Rosedale   v  Rosedale

Ladies Singles to be arranged  K Rushton   v   J Westlake