Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preliminary Round Results

The  preliminary rounds were all completed yesterday, 23rd May 2014. Congratulations to all those who won through to the next round. These were as follows:

Men's Singles: 67 S. Skinner, Ladygate
                         39 D. Cutmore, Harlington
                           1 J. Belle-Isle, Bessingby Park
                        87 R. Vye, Rosedale Park
                        16 C. Farrer, Denham
                         82 P. Reynolds, Ladygate
                         59 C. Harris (tbc), Ladygate
                         22 M. Hallam, Eastcote
                         79 P. Lovering, Rosedale Park
                       101 A. Ciampini, Uxbridge
                       106 D. Reap, Uxbridge
                         76 M. Kirby, Rosedale Park

Men's Pairs: 39 D. Cutmore, Harlington
                       12 J. Fisher, Cowley
                       97 T. Jones, The Mill
                      102 R. Lee, Uxbridge
                       28  A. Hooper, Fassnidge
                       87  R. Vye, Rosdale Park

Open Singles: 97 T. Jones, The Mill