Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The semi finalists are known.

The quarter final results of all the competitions are all known and so we can bring you the semi final line up. Unfortunately a number of quarter finals were not actually played with some games conceded and inclement weather resulting in a toss of a coin. It is always rather sad to have to decide the outcome of a competition that way but unfortunately sometimes this is just no other solution. A plea therefore to all semi-finalist to try to arrange games as soon as possible. Please do not wait until close to the play by date of 19th August – give yourselves time to re-arrange if play is stopped because of rain etc. Remember it is British summer-time!

All semi-finals should be played on a neutral green agreeable to both players but it is the responsibility of the home player to make the necessary arrangements. As always we will accommodate semi-finals at Rosedale Park if we can and should you wish to play there.

The situation regarding the draw for each competition is below; I know many of you appreciate being able to keep track of all the players.

Open Singles – Semi Final 
87  R. Vye            v              64 P. Reynolds  
67 S Skinner        v              77 R. Leleux

Men’s Singles – Semi Final
67 S. Skinner      v              64 P. Reynolds
70 R. Matthews v              101 A. Ciampini

Men’s Pairs – Semi Final
74 P Costin          v              68 B Syme
87 R. Vye             v              34 N Rushton

Mens Triples – Semi Final
101 A. Ciampini v              74 P. Costin
57 P. Darius         v              29 B. Laws

Men’s Over 60 Singles – Semi Final
77 R Leleux         v              70 B Matthews
58 A Groves        v              68 B Syme

Ladies Singles – Semi Final
83 S. Pocknell     v              81 R. Mayo
21 D. Hallam       v              33 K Rushton

Ladies Pairs – Semi Finals
33 K Rushton      v              14 D Rookes
66 M Simpson    v              53 A Bell

Ladies Triples – Semi Finals
50 J. Westlake   v              14 D. Rookes
6 A. Greenaway v              65 G Richards

Mixed Pairs – Semi Final
84 B Putnam       v              66 M Simpson
67 S Skinner        v              14 D Rookes

Mixed Triples – Semi Final
105 J Quesnel    v              39 D Cutmore

33 K Rushton      v              36 T Tidy