Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Final Line up

We’ve made it to the finals. Preparations are well underway for the finals day which, as in previous years, will be at Rosedale Park B.C. Please come along from 10am and support the finalists.

Thank you for all the positive comments made to us about the updates. I thought some of you would like to know who is in each triple and pair for the finals so have listed teams and clubs. However please note that the teams are not given in any specific order!
A full programme with the time of each game will be published as soon as we complete the details.

Open Singles:                87  R. Vye (Rosedale)               v              77 R. Leleux (Rosedale)

Men’s Singles :              64 P. Reynolds (Ladygate)        v              101 A. Ciampini (Uxbridge)

Men’s Pairs :                  68 B Syme, S Phillips (Ladygate)
                                         34 N. Rushton, M. Arnold (Harefield)

Mens Triples :                 57 P. Darius, B Syme, R Buckingham (Ladygate)
                  74 P. Costin, A Bond, P Picknell (Rosedale)

Men’s Over 60 Singles:   77 R Leleux (Rosedale)            v              58 A Groves (Ladygate)

Ladies Singles:                 83 S. Pocknell (Rosed             v               33 K Rushton (Harefield)

Ladies Pairs:                    66 M Simpson, A Martel (Ladygate)
                                          14 D. Rookes, K Fisher (Cowley)

Ladies Triples :                50   J Westlake, P Farmer, B Bledell (Hayes)
                                           6     A Greenaway, P Weller, B Boxford (Court Park)

Mixed Pairs:                   84 J Rowlands(sub), E Putnam (Rosedale)
                                       14 D Rookes, R Rookes (Cowley)

Mixed Triples:                 39 D Cutmore, S Cutmore, S Brennan (Harlington)

                                        33 K Rushton, N Rushton, S Cordingley (Harefiled)