Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Finals Report and Results

Finals Report and Results

All the Triples finals and the Ladies pairs finals were played in the morning from 10 am in very poor conditions. At best there was drizzle and at worst heavy downpours all morning as a result of the weather none of these games went the full distance with the runners up conceding. Fortunately the weather did improve slightly and the rain eventually went off – after the last game had ended! So here are the results:

Mixed Triples:           Winners: S Cordingley, K Rushton, N Rushton (Harefield Hospital)
                                    R/Up    : S Cutmore, S Brennan, D Cutmore (Harlington)
                                     Score 18 – 9             Ends Played 16

Mens Triples:            Winners: P. Costin, P. Mayo, P. Picknell (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Buckingham, B. Syme, P. Darius (Ladygate)
                                    Score 23 – 4             Ends Played 12

Ladies Triples:          Winners: B. Beedell, P. Farmer, J. Westlake (Hayes)
                                    R/UP     : B. Foxford, P. Weller, A. Greenaway (Court Park)
                                    Score 28 – 4             Ends Played 12

Ladies Pairs:             Winners: K. Fisher, D. Rooks (Cowley)
                                    R/UP     : A. Martel, M. Simpson (Ladygate)
                                    Score 14 - 5               Ends Played 14

Mens Pairs:               Winners: N. Rushton, M. Arnold (Harefield Hospital)
                                    R/UP     : S. Phillips, B. Syme (Ladygate)
                                    Score 21 – 11

Mixed Pairs:              Winners: E. Putnam, J. Rowlands (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Rooks, D. Rookes
                                    Score 21 – 12

Over 60 Singles:       Winner: A. Groves (Ladygate)
                                    R/UP     : R. Leleux (Rosedale Park)
                                    Score 21 – 20

Mens Singles:           Winner: A. Ciampini (Uxbridge)
                                    R/UP     : P. Reynolds (Ladygate)
                                    Score 21 – 12

Ladies Singles:         Winner: S. Pocknell (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : K. Rushton (Harefield)
                                    Score 21 – 7

Open Singles:           Winner: R. Vye (Rosedale Park)
                                    R/UP     : R. Leleux (Rosedale Park)
                                    Score 21 – 19

Congratulations to all.